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Bill White grew up on a farm in Ludlow, Maine in the 1940s and 50s. His grandfather, Nehemiah, lived in a cabin on the property. And Bill says Nehemiah was important to him for many reasons – two stand out.

First, he instilled in Bill a love for the outdoors. So much so that bill became an environmental scientist. And second, Nehemiah was exactly what a young boy needed growing up – even though it drove Bill’s mother crazy.

Bill was interviewed at the Houlton Historical Society in the fall of 2010.

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The city of Lewiston was once a hub of French-Canadian culture in Maine — so much so, Mona Lothian didn’t realize there was a language other than French until she went to school!

Mona stopped by the Story Bank recording booth at the 2009 American Folk Festival in Bangor. She reminisced about her Franco childhood in the 1950s, the decline of Franco culture, and what she does to maintain her traditions.

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With all her duties as the First Lady of Maine, Karen Baldacci still finds time to garden — a lot of time. Indeed, gardening is one of her favorite pastimes. Mrs. Baldacci says she’s fortunate to live at the Governor’s Mansion (The Blaine House) because the gardens there were designed by the famous landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted.

For this podcast, Mrs. Baldacci was interviewed in the Story Bank recording booth at the 2009 Maine Folk Festival in Bangor.

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