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Tad makes a turn to cut another row. Photo by Peter Dembski.

rTad Hunter makes a turn in his tractor to cut another row of hay. Photo by Peter Dembski.

1.TH at Barn

Tad Hunter surveys his field. Photo by Peter Dembski.

Cutting hay is an art for Tad Hunter. Instead of just mowing back and forth and back and forth, Tad creates patterns and designs in the fields he mows. Each time he turns to cut a new row, he says his view of the world changes through window of his tractor. He relishes the small variations in his landscape over the course of an afternoon of haying – the movement of the sun, the flight of a seagull, the appearance and disappearance of a fox.

Tad lives in Tosham, Maine. He’s a farmer and the director of the Topsham Fair. He was interviewed by Brenda Cummings in 2009 at Fort Andross, Brunswick in conjunction with the Five Rivers Arts Alliance.

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Gemma Laser knew she was raised differently than most kids her age in Dexter, Maine. Gemma’s parents moved to Maine in the 1970’s as part of the back-the-land-movement, when thousands of individuals and families left urban and suburban lives for a rural, environmentally centered lifestyle.

For Gemma, this meant she grew up without the “trappings” of modern life. For instance, she and her family lived in a passive solar, earth berm house with horses and an organic garden. She says “For me, it seemed like the world because it was this wonderful community and I didn’t know anything else and now, looking back on it, it is very different.”

Gemma recounts some of her experiences on this edition of Story Bank Maine.  She was interviewed in the Story Bank Maine mobile recording booth at the 2008 American Folk Festival in Bangor.

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Michael Corbin outside his restaurant "Cafe de la Place." Photo by Peter Dembski.

Michael Corbin is an Acadian Chef from Madawaska, Maine. Michael is forty-seven. He grew up in a Grand Isle in a family of six kids. Because his father died young, Michael says he and his brothers and sisters had to do a lot of the family chores. That’s where Michael learned to cook, at the apron strings of his mother and grandmother.

This recording was made in August 2008 in the Story Bank Maine mobile recording booth at the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.

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