March 2009

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Michael Corbin outside his restaurant "Cafe de la Place." Photo by Peter Dembski.

Michael Corbin is an Acadian Chef from Madawaska, Maine. Michael is forty-seven. He grew up in a Grand Isle in a family of six kids. Because his father died young, Michael says he and his brothers and sisters had to do a lot of the family chores. That’s where Michael learned to cook, at the apron strings of his mother and grandmother.

This recording was made in August 2008 in the Story Bank Maine mobile recording booth at the American Folk Festival in Bangor, Maine.

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The idea is simple. People have stories. Story Bank Maine records them for radio, the web and podcasts, and the participants.

Story Bank Maine uses a mobile recording booth to make recordings. Other times, we visit people at their homes. In some cases we record stories told at public events.

In all cases, we’re interested in people and their places in Maine. It’s that simple.

The recordings we make are often edited and produced for the public and community radio in Maine. We post those productions here and people can subscribe to the recordings as a podcast. We archive the recordings at the Maine Folklife Center. And, we provide a copy of the interview on CD for the participants.

Story Bank Maine is project of Cultural Resources, Inc. and the Maine Folklife Center. Kathleen Mundell is the project manager. Rob Rosenthal is the radio producer. Many thanks to The National Endowment for the Arts, The Maine Community Foundation, and the Davis Family Foundation for their generous support.

We hope you’ll check back often for new recordings and updates on our next recording sessions.


Kathleen and Rob